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Thanks for the helpful replies. These antennas look a bit bigger than I was expecting...I'll have to double-check the neighborhood covenants to make sure I wouldn't be violating some rule by having one nice and high on the roof.

Looks like for antennas, I've got one recommendation for the Winegard HD7698P and two for the Antennacraft HBU44; and I'll need a pre-amp, either the RCA TVPRAMP-1R or Antennacraft 10G201. I trust that in each case, either unit would be fine.

Add antenna mounting equipment (I'll talk to my friend about making sure it's grounded) and a bunch of coax cable (unless I just cannibalize the cable left over from the previous satellite install), and I think my shopping list will be just about together.

Then I'll need to decide whether to complete the old-school experience by just plugging the coax from the pre-amp straight into my television (looks like I could still have audio routed through my receiver via the digital audio out port), or look into a DVR/channel guide box. That new TiVo Roamio looks really appealing...except for the $15 per month subscription fee part.

(I used to get lifeline cable service for that amount, a decade or so ago. Picture was crummy but at least it was cheap. I wonder if that sort of thing even exists anymore.)
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