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AntennaWeb very wrong; TV Fool very helpful [Antenna now up!]

When I finally dropped satellite TV earlier this year, I switched to Aereo for my broadcast-television needs. Then the Supreme Court ended that experiment. So I was done with live TV--or so I thought, since the AntennaWeb tool had told me that in my location, east of Atlanta, I shouldn't expect to pick up anything with any conceivable antenna.

(Which baffled me, because when I was growing up out West, signals carried a good long way, and translator stations were everywhere. You could live in a town much smaller than the one I live in now, twice as far away from the big city, and still count on getting the full set of local stations with just rabbit ears. But I digress.)

I'm glad I stumbled across this site, because if I'm understanding the signal analysis results correctly, there is in fact hope for me.

I followed the instructions in the pinned post for using the Interactive Maps feature, zeroing in on my chimney (where an outdoor antenna would be mounted). Not knowing the precise height an antenna would wind up at, I ran reports for 15' and 25' antenna heights.



The important channels to me would be the nearest ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX/Uni/PBS affiliates. Looks like WXIA (NBC) would be the toughest of those to pull in. It wouldn't hurt to get more channels, but I don't think I'd miss any of the others if they weren't there either.

I've also uploaded a screenshot of the satellite view, with the green lines pointing towards the transmitters, in case that's helpful. It's the Deep South, there's plenty of trees everywhere; but at least I've got a bit of a gap to the west, the direction of most of the stations. A chimney-mounted antenna should clear my immediate neighbor's roof, and maybe the roof after that; but the terrain does rise a bit heading west, so by the time we reach the left edge of this picture, my antenna might not even be above ground level.

Finally, I should mention that I have a friend who is a homebuilder, who has researched going OTA a bit himself, and who would be happy to help with the actual installation. So my hope is that once I've decided if the experiment is worth trying--and if so, what equipment to purchase--the hard part might actually be done.
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