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Originally Posted by mountainguy View Post
My plan is to try a Clearstream 2V antenna, since the channels I want are a mix of UHF and VHF. My questions are:

1. Is that a reasonable antenna choice as a starting option?
2. Will I need to add an amplifier, and if so, what type?
I do not think that is a reasonable antenna based on the TV fool plot you linked to.

I think you are in a multipath prone area, and the 2 edge path predictions make me think multi path will be bad. The Clearstream 2V has a fairly wide pattern so it will grab lots of multi path if it is in the air.

All the stations you want are available at 16 or 17 degrees true. (The translator on real 28 is ABC It is probably strong enough to come in even on an antenna aimed at 16/17 degrees true anyway.)

I would recommend some sort of directional UHF/VHF combo antenna pointed at 16/17 degrees true. An antenna craft HBU33 is the smallest antenna I would try. A antenna craft HBU44 or a winegard HD7697P would not be overkill to avoid multipath concerns.

Will the antenna go at 15’, or can you get it higher? If you can go higher, some potential multipath problems could be avoided letting a smaller antenna work, or letting a larger antenna have more of a margin for bad weather.

As for the amplifier question:
How many TV’s do you plan to feed?
How long will the coax be between the furthest TV and the antenna?
Are you running new wire or using wire that was installed by someone else that may be in questionable shape?

One TV with a HD7697P and a new run of coax of 100’ or less would not need a preamp. With two or more TV’s a pre amplifier starts to look like a good idea.
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