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50+ miles from broadcasting stations, antenna selection

Hello everyone. I live about 53 miles from the stations I am trying to pick up. I was able to pick up a few with a UHF loop + VHF dipole, but only at night at one instance. I am looking to get another antenna. I plan to put it on the balcony, or right inside by the glass/screen door, which faces NE. I am also above ground, which may help.

I am considering the Eagle Aspen EASDTV2BUHF antenna (do I need an amplifier if I go with this? I was looking at the RCA TVPRAMP1R as a option, if necessary), but have also looked at the Terk HDTVa, Mohu Leaf Ultimate, and RCA ANT 751R. The Eagle Aspen looks great for my purposes since every channel I am looking for is UHF, but I figured I would ask those with more experience than myself.

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