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Thank you - this is very helpful. Would an Antennas Direct 91XG also work for the KC stations?

The St. Joseph station ultimately isn't important - thought it was close enough I could get it in, but may not be worth the effort. I believe I already have the Y10-7-13. Are any of the other non-KC stations doable?

I can tell you right now I do have a Lava HD-2605 (yes, I know), in the attic. This does pick up all of the stations, but occasionally has slight artifacts and certain stations (KSHB and KMCI) tend to have more frequent issues tuning in. Strangely FOX has no issue . The attic install is more or less a function of HOA rules - though I can seek approval, but it may take a few months (and I am certainly not installing on the roof until spring).

I only have two TVs and one multi-tuner (2) DVR to hook up. The DVR is connected next to one of the TVs.

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