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Hello dwmcqueen.

Looking at your tvfool plot, I don't recommend you install your antenna in your attic. You are in a 2-edge situation. 1 and 2 edge situations mean you don't have line of sight to the transmitters you wish to receive from. These situations can cause signals to bounce around, vary quite a bit in signal strength and generally be much more fussy than a line of sight signal.

Attic installations knock down 20-30 percent of existing signal. A few of the Kansas City signals are in moderate strength. With your plot and installing an antenna in the attic, those signals would be pushed into weak and likely unreliable reception. FOX and NBC are among these.

You are fortunate that Kansas City is exclusively UHF (real channels 14 and up). This makes reception a one antenna installation appropriate.

I would purchase an Antennas Direct DB8 and mount it outside on your roof. Orientate to magnetic heading 142.

I would expect in this situation to see all Kansas City broadcasts.

There are other considerations such as how many TVs do you want to hook up such and lengths of coax. We can discuss that as we continue the conversation.

My main point in this post is to move you away from the attic install. The likelyhood of satisfactory attic reception isn't great with your 2-edge paths and signal strengths.


EDIT: St. Joseph KQTV will not be received in any type of attic installation. Signal strength is very weak. Only an aggressive outdoor dedicated high-VHF antenna will have a chance at this signal such as an Antennacraft Y10-7-13. KQTV is doable, but it would require a two antenna system combined together. One at Kansas City (DB8) and the other St. Joseph (Y10-7-13). If you want to do this, it isn't a terribly difficult setup.

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