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After looking at the photos, the two antennas appear to have almost the same VHF gain, with the edge to favor the C5.
I have not been able to prove or disprove their report.
OTA signals constantly vary in strength. I have often seen a change of over 10 dB in 1/2 an hour. It wouldn't be conclusive to make a measurement with Antenna A and then substitute Antenna B, because the signals might have changed.

The only was to prove or disprove, if you don't have an antenna test range, is to do what I do: set up the two antennas side-by-side, switch rapidly back and forth with an A/B switch, and watch the readings on a signal level meter.

antenna test site:

Sadelco 719E is on the left and Sadelco DisplayMax800 on the right. The 719E was designed to measure analog signals, but it is useful for making comparative measurements of digital signals. I bought the 719E when I retired from the US Govt, and my wife gave the 800 to me as a present. She encouraged my antenna experiments because she wanted me to set up a battery operated TV for use during a power failure:

She also gave a DisplayMax 5000 to me:

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