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Originally Posted by Stereocraig View Post
I see these things for sale all the time, and am just wondering if they will still work on OTA signals.
If so, maybe I'll start stocking up on them.
They're always dirt cheap, so I may just get one for the cool factor.
Naturally, they have FM, too.

They're usually Leader and Sadelco, w/ the analog meter.

Thanks, people!
Yes, they work fine on digital OTA signals. Digital OTA signals are actually analog signals that carry the digital information.

The coversion factor when using an analog signal level meter to measure digital signals is to add 6.8 dB to the analog meter reading. My analog signal level meter (SLM), a Sadelco 719E, reads a little high, so its readings are very close to the readings made with my digital signal level meter, a Sadelco DislayMax 800.

I have bought a few on eBay, but I don't bid any more than I'm willing to lose if there is no return.

My most recent purchase was a 719E that was in excellent condition: $75, including shipping.

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