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Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
Thanks for the replies, scott784.

With our four hands and fingers crossed, I'll place a bet in Vegas for improved viewing as Repack continues!

There is at this time one station moving to low VHF here: KBEH-TV is moving from real channel 42 to 4. Their sub channel 63-3 features Retro TV. Some Old School shows I like to watch. My antenna system is ready for low VHF, so hopefully continued excellent signal strength above 30db.

It will be interesting to see how many other TV stations end up on the low VHF range, since it is wide open in that frequency range in our area. So far, I haven't seen any other movement on rabbitears. But who knows? Back to the future???
Well, I haven't been to Vegas in about 15 years. But I'll place that bet with you from afar for improved viewing after repacks. And hopefully, you won't see any more SOCAL LA channels moving over to VHF (at least low VHF).
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