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Originally Posted by davygrvy View Post
an algorithm for determining the best place to live for reception given a zipcode.

HAHA Showing maps to my Realtor would be funny. Cut the cord!
Yeah, I agree... I have a similar suggestion.

Basically, on a map, you specific a channel and signal (NM) value you want to receive, such as LOS or NM > 0.

Then the map will display in a nice distinct colour (such as solid green) on the map specifically where that situation would exist.

Then you can keep changing the channel to something else and it will re-paint the map with your criteria as well.

Bonus points if you can pick more than one channel at a time to display on the map using different colours for each channel.

So with this feature you would know exactly the location where you need to live to get that channel with that signal strength you want.

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