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Angry Maps keep re-adjusting when moving push pin


I go to coverage map, put my push pin near my location, then see what channels (stations) available.

Then I click the radio button for a particular station.

The map adjusts and zooms into the station location and fills in the colours for signal strength.

Now I have to zoom back to MY location to see the signal near my location.

Then when I move the push pin around to see the exact NM values for the stations around me (while showing the colour signal strength of my selected station, which I want to continue to see), then the map moves again back to the station location.

Then I have to move the map back to MY location and re-zoom again.

And so it goes...

Any chance to change it so the map does NOT move to the location area but stay where I am looking at??

Basically given the colours, I want to move the push pin around there so I can see where is a good signal and what other stations show for their NMs while I am focused on the colour of my particular station I picked.
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