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How Can We Let the Others Know ...

'about this new free tv? That's the big question. No one knows but us lucky few who happen to know about radiowaves, wire, ota ...

Everyone's been deceived by the government and corporate media. They only gave them the tiniest piece of "information," and expected them to figure out the rest on their own. They told people who were paying, to just keep on paying, that the switch didn't effect them. Liars.!!

So, if no one knows but us few, how or why would viewers contact their senators?

This free DTV is spectacular, quite frankly it's the best thing to happen in the world of television since the introduction of color tv. The others have the right to know that they have a free option. And, it's so easy to get and set-up. All one needs is the best darned amplified antenna and rest is simple, as tv was meant to be. That's the best part in my opinion. TV has now been simplified.
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