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TV Fool Resource Doesn't Work

This TV Fool thing doesn't work. I punched in my data and not only is it difficult to decipher, it's not accurate. You see, I've been getting the free antenna tv since the switch 3 years ago. And it wasn't reliable then, either.

Finally folks, if anybody is reading this, TV is now simple and easy. Just get the best amplified antenna (available only online) and a rotor, and a converter box and BINGO - you've got it. Simple, easy, and free. We've been listening to the lying commercials and advertisers for too long. Remember, their job is to sell stuff - most of which you don't even need to live a quality life.

Just mount this particular antenna up on your roof as high as possible and you'll be amazed. Guaranteed. There's no question as it works just like radio. You don't pay for radio, do you? The same rule applies to purchasing an indoor antenna, for those who rent, get the best, not the one's available in stores by unheardof names. If you want the best, you've got to get the best. Trust me, all antennas are not created equally. And even if you are renting, I'd still use an outdoor antenna mounted outside your unit either on a balcony or outside a window - the results will be much much better. Antenna's don't need anything in-between the signal and the antenna. Understand? The objective is to get a clear line-of-sight with no obstructions.
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