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Originally Posted by tripelo View Post
Yes, could be Radio Shack antennas.
In one of the VHF antenna images, can see a feature common to Antennacraft.
For many years, Antennacraft was owned by Radio Shack.

Yes, you are right, they are bi-directional and almost certainly area specials.

In the city of Kenosha Wisconsin , where I do most of my antenna spotting, is a great Electronics shop call Chester Electronics. They probably supplied Kenosha with 80% of their antennas all throughout the antenna era. At any rate, I was speaking with one of the gentlemen that works there, Gary.

Gary explained to me about the UHF antennas. He told me that Antennacraft came to town with a van and a portable Tower and tested the markets signals between Chicago and Milwaukee. Kenosha is in and almost dead center between the two cities of course the farther south you go the closer to the center.

At any rate, Antennacraft would design the TV antennas and deliver them in bulk for the shops to sell. Nobody Does that anymore.

The reason the top element is always broken is because it was a fold-out out reflector. Obviously some sort of plastic hinge that would give up after a certain amount of time.
Either a good ice storm or a heavy bird would probably break the tops of the reflectors on the top element. Also another thing I noticed there's just a slight variance in size and number of elements between what aims to Chicago and what aims to Milwaukee.

This one I noticed right above Chester Electronics, still on display, one of the Antennacraft area special antennas from years ago:

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