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I am pleased that someone started this thread. As it has been suggested, we should all write our congressmen and senators about this important topic. Make no mistake about it, Washington is broke and there is money in selling off broadcast spectrum to the highest bidder!

We've already seen it happen with UHF channels 70-83 and now with UHF channels 52-69 (in the last few years). The truth is, the FCC does not need to sell off more broadcast spectrum for broadband media. However, as the other posters have described, there is money in it.

Unfortunately, the majoirity of Americans know nothing about this issue. In fact, I would say it's probably never occurred to the majority of citizens that they can enjoy HDTV with an OTA antenna.

Yes, we all 'do' need to write our congressmen and senators about this. I, for one, am going to be very upset if these special interest groups get their way. Broadcast television has been a tradition in this country since the advent of television. Yet, these special interest groups would like nothing better than to see it eliminated entirely for their own selfish agenda.

If you don't voice your concerns, you cannot be counted. I would encourage others to e-mail their representatives in government. Some may think things will never change but I wouldn't bank on that.

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