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One last question.

Thank you Tower Guy. To be honest, with the low NM values, I wasn't even sure if I could pick them up. I'm not sure how low these values go and have a reasonable shot at receiving signal. I get a snowy RF 29 analogue from State College with my current set up, and if I input 27 on the TV, it gives me the "Retrieving Data" message. I figure I may give it a shot once the weather clears up a bit. Anyways, I have one last question. My bedroom TV has a really horrible tuner in it. Granted, it's about 100' run off of a split line. Do you think it would be a good idea to put a small, inline amp on that line only to boost the signal? I have on set of channels (WJAC and its subchannels) that consistently drop on that TV only. Normally, I don't even consider amplifying an already amplified signal, but I keep reading about people who run signal through a series of amps on the forums and was wondering if that may be an option.
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