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Thanks guys, I was thinking that it was a bit much but didnt want to UNDERdo it either since I knew it was going into the attic. I will try direct into the TV to see if the issue goes away or not. Do you think removing the reflector could help? Possibly cause it to lose just enough gain to allow the channel's to still function properly but allow 6.1 to stop dropping? I would hate to use an attenuator as I don't want to screw up the other channels in the process. My original plan was splitting the coax to 3 TV's and I knew I would lose some gain because of that, but that plan has changed. I WILL be using a dual splitter though to run a coax straight to the TV (one to Compy for dual channel DVR and one to TV for a 3rd signal in case I am already recording 2 things).

I got a kick out of the visual for the paperclip into the end of the coax as well! Would've probably worked flawlessly!
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