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Hey Bobs!

Glad you made it back to the forum. There have only been a few of us poster's holding down the fort, so to speak, lately. But I suspect there are many other's reading posts and just have nothing to offer as of late.

I agree with you regarding Televes being more progressive currently than Channel Master, specifically with R & D. I've spoken with a rep in their US office some time ago and received helpful and friendly advice. I'm not privy to Channel Master's present "inner workings" in AZ. I just know they have always shipped my orders quickly and securely. And their antennas build quality and performance have surpassed any other's I've used, except Televes. As far as CM-1776, it seems to be a best seller according to the user reviews on their website. But I suspect the key to its performance (without extensions), is their newer metal balun, CM-3203, that comes with the antenna. It seems to be quite efficient according to reviews.

Winegard is another viable option with good performance and build quality, depending on your particular situation.

Anyway, keep the posts going forward, Bobs! It's always helpful to hear from your experiences.

All the best.....

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