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when tuners changed from NTSC to ATSC there were a lot of manufacturers that went out of business.. a lot of options changed.. MediaCenter choked ... however you have to kinda bet that the larger companies like channel master who make antennas will also upgrade their hardware... then again it might not be a big seller for them..

I haven't heard anything on SiliconDust offering new tuners
when their quad tuner was announced i wanted to buy one last year but I decided not to because broadcasters were complaining that they wanted to go straight to ATSC3 as a simulcast when the repack happens .. at least some of the ones in the later stages of the repack didn't want to pay for technology that would only be relevant for a very short time.

i think its pretty impossible to say what will happen to all of these things but i do remember KWorld and Hauppaug having hardware deployment issues when the technology changed.. so it will just mean waiting and seeing
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