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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post

Hello, jerry

What you have up there is too much for that little rotator. If you must use a small rotator, you should use a thrust bearing, also called an alignment bearing. They are a necessary item, but most manufacturers have discontinued them.

The trick is to get the rotator and bearing in alignment so that the axis of rotation of the bearing is the same distance away from the mast as the axis of rotation of the motor.

DXEngineering sells the Yaesu Rotator Mast Bearing GS-050

You would have to be handy with tools to make it work.

For that much antenna you need a ham rotator, but they are more expensive.
Thank you for the reply.
I did price the ham radio motors and they're out of my price range, but a thrust bearing looks like my solution, if I can get a J-pole that is long enough on the vertical top end.
The J-Poles I have are old Dish/DirecTV mounts, since they're Free. Lol
I thought about mounting a very long pole into the ground, but this area of the roof is directly above a concrete patio, and this appears to be the best area to point at Mt. Wilson's TV towers.

Do you think I can weld/fix this rotor even though it's aluminum cast metal?

Thank you again!
HD8200XL and HDB91X with RCA TVPRAMP1R pre-amp aimed at Mt. Wilson (Los Angeles) in Etiwanda area.
CM3410 dist. amp in attic for a 5 room hookup.

Located in foothills behind Mt. Baldy, and experiencing signal loss and pixelation depending on time of day.
Using RCA rotator motor now to tweak.

Location Radar
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