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RCA VH226F Motor

Not sure if this happened to anyone, but my 2 year old RCA VH226F rotor antenna motor snapped during the last winds we had here in Fontana, CA. (see pics)
I had the pole tied at 3 different locations so as to not allow the J-pole or extension pole to bend when the winds hit.
I have 2 different antennas on the same pole.
(HD8200XL and the HDB91X)

I didn't think Fontana winds were as bad as Oklahoma or Kansas, but I did notice the metal used for these is a pretty thin joint.

I suppose I can weld the joints back together if my friend will let me use his arc welder.
(The last pic is a temp. setup while I attempt to fix this motor.)

Has anyone else had this experience with these VH226F motors???
HD8200XL and HDB91X with RCA TVPRAMP1R pre-amp aimed at Mt. Wilson (Los Angeles) in Etiwanda area.
CM3410 dist. amp in attic for a 5 room hookup.

Located in foothills behind Mt. Baldy, and experiencing signal loss and pixelation depending on time of day.
Using RCA rotator motor now to tweak.

Location Radar
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