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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
That unit is probably not faulty, but the design is faulty. The problem is with the internal splitter which makes the system noise figure worse. This raises the noise floor that reduces the SNR of the weakest signals. IOW, it isn't as sensitive for weak signals.

The original HDHR with two tuners had a separate antenna input for each tuner:

That was the best way to design a dual tuner HDHR; it is still needed now with multiple antenna systems:

The present dual and quad tuners use an internal 2-way or 4-way splitter. There is an internal amp to make up for the signal loss in splitting, but the damage to the System Noise Figure still exists and can not be undone.

Some users have more than one HDHR connected to a network for a multiple antenna system to avoid the internal splitting.
Missed a few good deals on those in the past. Luckily I got this unit on Cyber Monday.
Looks like a couple later models have 2 tuners and 2 inputs as well.
Back to ebay to do a comparison with.
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