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@ Rich, An analog VCR can record the output of your Zinwell STB. The challenge will be setting both the VCR and the STB correctly. If the STB is not on or is on the wrong channel, the VCR will not be able to configure the STB for you. The STB will be unavailable to watch another program simultaneously. As MisterMe has already observed, VCRs and other 'vintage' technology are becoming quite scarce.

You're describing 'needs/wants' that HTPC technology addresses very well. I also understand that the solution won't work if it intimidates one or more users.

My personal inclination is toward separate components. Rather than a TV with integrated internet capability, a basic HD screen. Independent audio system. Independent tuners. Stand-alone PC... etc. That clearly is not a one size fits all solution.

I'm inclined to agree with MM (at least in part I think), that a new TV with integrated internet functions to support Roku and a CM-7000PAL will fit your family better than what you have at the moment or the complex stack of components I might choose.
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