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Wow, you guys are really into this. WHile building my own box is intriguing, it will not be happening. First, I do not have an old/spare computer lying around. Second, even if I did, I do not have the time to build such a unit, and my experience in this area is seriously outdated. Finally, I need something simple. Something my wife can point a remote at and watch and/or reocrd shows. One of my goals in all of this was to make the transition from satellite as seamless as possible; thus it needs to be simple. My wife is not interested at all in the interesting technical aspects of what is possible. She simply wants to watch a few shows.

I have done some quick searching and it appears that DVRs having OTA capability are at least $200, more likely $300. And it is not at all clear that they can do internet. I realize that this is an unlikely combo to request, but a guy can drream.

I think the best solution for us is to stick with my cheap Zinwell box and antenna, and add a Roku box for $60. If we really want to record stuff, we can get a cheap recorder (of what kind I have no idea) and put it in the line.

This TV is about 12 years old. It is on its way out (remote does not work, volume only goes so high, on/off buttonbarely works) I should probably just go with it fr now and when it finally dies (or our debt is reduced enough and I can't stand the TV any longer) buy a new digital TV; probably without internet built in, and get a DVR with internet.
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