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results of replacement balun

This AM did a current scan: 7:30 AM got 18 channels with one pixelated. 65 deg out
replaced balun with CM 3203 device I did NOT shorten the leads! got 18 channels (some different ones from this AM) 5-6 are so pixelated as to be NOT viewable! 9:15 AM now 85 deg out and 80% RH.
I'm getting tooooo old to be getting up on the roof once a week to tweak the damn antenna!!! I'll try to shorten the leads in the next few days should the weather cooperate temp/RH wise.
Yes the tree is still there! however is a soft wood (pine) No leaves to be concerned with!
I just did another scan 3:40 pm temp down to 80 deg RH 74% still have 18 channels with 5 not viewable.
The ant is the same one its an RCA ANT3036X. I am still located in Milford NH. my channels of interest are in the uhf band any others are just gravy!

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