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Hi olnick:

You won't need to modify the new CM-3204 in the metal case. It's very efficient and comparable to Channel Masters built in baluns on many, but not all of their antenna models. I tried to get specs from CM, but no reply to my emails. Maybe you could contact them and get better results? Also, I asked rabbit73 to put it on his bench for specs, but he hasn't posted anything to date. However, I did find this review on CM website:

Tom Frederiksen on Jun 19, 2022
"I bought a few of these to use for FM receiver testing and they work quite well. When two were measured back to back using a network analyzer the pair showed an insertion loss of about 1.6 dB across the FM band. Assuming that each balun contributed half of this loss, each balun contributed about 0.8 dB of loss. Not bad for a 4:1 balun."

The article you read was from an inquiry I put to rabbit73 after he posted his tests. So, I tried it here at my location in So. Cal LA/OC. And the modification worked as good as their other baluns. So, I can recommend the mod. And the article you read lists specs.

Amazon does sell both baluns on their website as well as Channel Master itself. Your local Big Box or electronics store(s) might have some as well; maybe? And particularly if you're on a budget, the CM-94444 with the mod would be the way to go.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Let the forum know how it turns out for you. I'm sure it would be of interest.

Take care and all the best.....

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