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Hi Cotton:

So you're in SE Kansas, is that right?

Where is your market? That is, where are you receiving your TV stations from? Kansas City, Missouri, Oklahoma or other? A report would help clarify.

In the meantime, flying blind here so to speak, the Televes brand of antennas have excellent feedback from users, as I understand it. JoeAZ, a long time poster on this forum, but haven't heard from as of late, swears by his. He's in Prescott, AZ and pulls in signals from Phoenix about 100 miles away with the help of repeaters. Hopefully, he'll see your post and reply.

I can also recommend Channel Master antennas. They are robustly built and work very well pulling in signals. You might want to check their website.

Hopefully, this will help you get started. One of the forums good techs is Tim from Georgia. I know he's active and I'm sure his input would be appreciated. Tripelo is also currently monitoring. And there are others as well, too numerous to mention.

When you hit pay dirt, please let the forum know how it turns out for you. I'm sure it would be instructive to others.

Thanks and all the best.....

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