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Originally Posted by ssharnick View Post
Hi all. I moved and have been in the new place for 2 months now. Wound up going with the the ClearStream 4 TV for my UHF and the RCA Yagi for VHF (WTNH) in the attic. I purchased a ClearStream Juice pre-amp, an A.D. VHF/UHF combiner and an A.D. 4 port distribution amp. The antennas are mounted in the attic. Without the Juice pre-amp I was able to p/u 40+ channels. When I installed the Juice I lost reception, so I returned that. I'm currently getting 40+ channels. Reception of some stations have been pixelating with the leaves dropping so I had to move the C.S. 4 but have been OK since. Thank you all so much for your guidance with this process.
Thank you for the update. Glad you are doing better, Shawn.

There might have been an overload problem with the Juice and the distribution amp.

Trees will block the signals.

This is a report for your new location based on your TVFool report:

but I think this one is more accurate because it's in the new condo area:

would there be any advantage in using 2 UHF antennas in hopes of picking up some stations from the south.
If you can't pick up PBS from Hartford, you might need a 2nd antenna for PBS from Stamford.
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