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How it's going

Hi all. I moved and have been in the new place for 2 months now. Wound up going with the the ClearStream 4 TV for my UHF and the RCA Yagi for VHF (WTNH) in the attic. I purchased a ClearStream Juice pre-amp, an A.D. VHF/UHF combiner and an A.D. 4 port distribution amp. The antennas are mounted in the attic. Without the Juice pre-amp I was able to p/u 40+ channels. When I installed the Juice I lost reception, so I returned that. I'm currently getting 40+ channels. Reception of some stations have been pixelating with the leaves dropping so I had to move the C.S. 4 but have been OK since. Thank you all so much for your guidance with this process.
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