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Thanks for the suggestion.

I personally have not had problems seeing the colors on various displays, but I'll open this one up for a public poll. Not everyone's displays or eyesight are the same, so it might be hard to find a middle ground that satisfies everyone, but we're open to suggestions.

If I may ask, where are your display's contrast, brightness, and backlight (applicable on some LCD displays) settings set to? To get the deeper "saturation" that you are looking for means trying to make the red, green, and blue phosphors on your display darker (less light being transmitted).

If the display is being over-driven, it gives the display a nice "bright" appearance, but it can also cause colors to be rendered with less accuracy (a result of color space compression or clipping). Viewing angle, display technology, and other settings (e.g., color temperature, gamma, game/text/cinema/custom presets, etc.) can also have an impact on the color rendition you see.

In home theater setups, it's important to adjust your display settings correctly to present the content in the way it was intended by the movie studios. With computers, it's also important to have the display adjusted correctly so that it can properly show content the way it was intended to be shown.
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