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I guess its a bump....

Got bored and read this post, wondered what it was all about, found this:

: White space is unused spectrum that sits between TV channels. The 300MHz to 400MHz of unused spectrum is considered prime spectrum for offering wireless broadband services because it can travel long distances and penetrate through walls. The FCC unanimously agreed in November 2008 to open up this spectrum for unlicensed use . Even so, technical issues to allow device makers and service providers to use the spectrum still need to be worked out. "

..."The roll out of TV white space spectrum might also serve as a template for freeing other underutilized spectrum.

"About 90 percent of the licensed spectrum is unused," said Joe Hamilla, chief operating officer at Spectrum Bridge, a company that runs an online spectrum license exchange. "What's happening with TV white space is really the FCC's first attempt at trying to make more efficient use of underused spectrum."

copied from article.

Info to enlighten those who might want to know what it entails.
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