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I am a poster/helper on tvfool , I am not a moderator or owner of tvfool. . I live in Colorado and am in Tv Broadcasting and Tv Reception for 50+ years. . Any way , you are the General Manager. . Tell the web site team what they Will Do and thats that. . Here is my message to the web site team , get the message out to the people , put and in a straight out up front place on the web site. With clear and easy to understand information that Tv is received with antennas and yes it is Ok the have a Tv Antenna. . Do not hide this information and bury it some where in the web site. Do not play down the information or kick it around . I have been on this planet for 61 years , and there is Crazy Notion that people do not need to know where television transmitters are at because Tv is received by Magic !!!!!!!

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