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Originally Posted by sirota View Post
I don't want to put it very high up, maybe just a 5 ft. mast. The location seems to be easy to get signal, I'm currently using an indoor Winegard Flatwave from Costco and it's usable for the most part. There isn't much blocking the LOS so I don't think I need it high up, just to clear the corner of the roof. The HBU11 claims to weigh 3.1 lbs, and it's fairly small from what I can tell, should I still be concerned about weight and wind?
The dish, or a small antenna, is one thing. Adding the weight and leverage of a mast, introduces an entirely new set of variables.

Some aspects of antenna installation, are standard and are best followed.
When you start improvising materials and locations though, it's either trial and error, or a matter of feel for the mechanics and physics that are unique to your particular project.

Unfortunately, "error" can be short for a crumpled antenna lying on the ground and/ or Pieces of the building damaged from lag bolts being yanked out. Or worse.
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