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Please help with OTA antenna mount

I will be getting an HBU11 antenna and I would like to ask for help re-using a Dish mount. See the photo below:

The location is good for the OTA, the wire is already there, the problem is the mount. If I attach it to the dish mast it would be too low, maybe even touching the roof. I understand the antenna should be about 3 feet above the roof.

What are my options here? If I just buy a J mount, it would also be too short.

Would a 1.25" x 5 ft. pole that various places sell be OK to stick inside the existing dish J mount?

What about just buying a pipe from a place like Home Depot?

Based on my measurements the existing J mount is about 1 5/8 in diameter, perhaps you guys know the standard measurement ID for a Dish branded antenna.

Thoughts? Ideas? I'm trying to keep it simple and not climb up on the roof, just want to re-use the location.

Thank you.
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