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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Thanks for sharing Bob. You certainly have a good memory for details. Evidently I read those instructions 5-1/2 years ago when I installed my antenna because all of the elements have the metallic side facing the transmitters.

By the way, what are you using for your spectrum scans?
Hi Tim, that's the same instructions I saw 4 years ago when I put my original 91XG together. They've always used the Terrestrial Digital name on those instructions.

I have had some contact with AD & ADTech, but he's been pretty busy and referred me over to AVS ask for help.

Antennas Direct warranty dept. shipped a new Balun, but no change in the signal patterns. I think the problem with the two antennas being different is just the way it is and I will have to buy another and hope it matches the new one.

I am, using RTL/SDR software with a Chinese USB dongle. Pete Higgins recommended it here and on the the old Hi Def forum. It's slow though, but I get great patterns.

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