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Filed a complaint on this CP.

FCC Submission Confirmation: 2000E
Acknowledgement of Submission from Stephanie **** on 01/05/2014, reference number 14-********.
Thank you for your information. The FCC will contact you if additional information is required. Please keep this information for future reference.
ATTENTION: When submitting additional information using this FCC Submission Confirmation sheet, please attach only one unsolicited fax advertisement (or multiple advertisements from the same sender) that matches your complaint number and carrier company named in this complaint. DO NOT include multiple unsolicited faxes from different senders with this unique case number. Your complaint is subject to be rejected, if more than one unsolicited fax advertisement from different senders accompanies this FCC Submission Confirmation sheet.
Please use this page as a Fax Cover Sheet when faxing additional details to the FCC at (866) 418-0232.
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