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Yes, it's a common misunderstanding. Most people are completely unaware of the FCC's over-the-air reception devices rule (OTARD), FCC link.

People just don't know that there's a federal rule that takes precedence over most state, county, city, HOA, or landlord rules, and it gives most people the right to put up a reasonable antenna, at a reasonable cost, within a reasonable amount of time. Local laws, HOA rules, or landlord contracts cannot preempt this federal rule except under very specific circumstances.

The more people know about and understand these rules, the more empowered they are likely to feel.

People also don't realize that the major network broadcasters are actually some of the biggest producers of content that people like to watch. The video quality you get over the air is often noticeably better than the same content you get over the re-compressed cable and satellite feeds. OTA quality is coming directly from the source in many cases.
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