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Updates to Chicagoland TV Fool - new update

WPVN-CD Aurora, IL on RF 20 has officially moved their transmission site over to the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago. So the old site in Schaumburg Illinois is off the air, & can be deleted. WPVN-CD RF 20 maps to 24.1 - 24.6 (their old analog channel).

WGBO-DT RF 38 maps to 66.1

WXFT-DT RF 50 maps to 60.1

The other updates I provided are still valid, but haven't been changed yet.

One analog entry I spotted is invalid, & that's WMEU-LP 48 for analog. Weigel Broadcasting turned off their analog transmitter for RF 48, & made WMEU-CD RF 32 the official channel for this station.
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