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Updates to Chicagoland TV Fool

After looking at my TV Fool chart, I noticed that W25DW-D is now listed as RF 22. While the FCC did grant this station a CP to move to 22, they're still broadcasting on RF 25. I know because I get this station with my Antennas Direct DB8 & RCA Pre-amp on RF 25, & maps to 25.1 - 25.5. W25DW-D on RF 22 might be best to list in the pending section rather than the current section.

WLS-TV on RF 44 maps to 7.1 - 7.3.

WMEU-CD maps to 48.1

WWME-LD maps to 23.1

WESV-LD maps to 40.1, & is affiliated with Estrella TV.

WHNW-LD maps to 18.1

WOCK-CD maps to 13.1, & the main channel now affiliated with Mundo Fox (Mega TV moved to 13.5)

WDCI-LD maps to 57.1 & is affiliated with Daystar

WBBM-TV on RF 26 has yet to go on the air. When it does go on the air, it'll map to 2.1, like their RF 12 station already does.

I don't know if you list TBN for affiliates, but WWTO on RF 10 is affiliated with TBN, since TBN actually owns the station.

While these 3 LPTV stations are South Bend Indiana stations, WCWW-LP (what you have listed) is now WCWW-LD, & broadcasts on RF 25, maps to 25.1, & is affiliated with CW.

WBND-LP is now WBND-LD, & doesn't map to 34.1 as your chart says. According to the FCC database, it maps to their former analog channel of 57.1. It's also affiliated ABC.

WMYS-LP is now WMYS-LD, FCC database now lists their virtual channel as 34.1 (thought it was supposed to be 69.1, since this station's former analog channel was 69), & affiliated with My Network TV.
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