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First off, go and re-orient the dipole so its ends face E-W also (and rotate it a bit to split the angular difference)., pretty much the same as the DB4e's elements. It has little to no reception off the ends, its reception is perpendicular to the element as described in the original thread. is useful pretty much for what its name implies. It's not capable of much else so there's no need to post its results. The TVfool plot is what is needed.

You'd be surprised how a what you think is a 'minimal' obstruction can prove to be a MAJOR pita.

Don't be afraid to also try lowering the antenna. "Sweet" spots are never guaranteed to be higher when you're working with near-rooftop elevations. Don't be afraid to pick the whole thing up and move it elsewhere or to have to put the VHF element is a completely different location from the UHF antenna. Incoming RF signals can be cantankerous and generally don't do what we think is going to be convenient.
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