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Here is 50' TVF

Here is 75' TVF

Majority of the channels of most interest are digital High VHF and UHF (do not need low VHF channels). Looks like the direction between 45-47 degree has the majority of channels of interest. So am I correct to assume a good UHF/Hi VHF directional antenna is needed.

I would like to get the best highest quality antenna. Form research, these models get good reviews.

A) Winegard HD8200U (Yagi, Hi VHF/UHF, Gain Hi VHF 12.6, UHF 14.2)
B) Channel Master CM4228HD (Bowtie, Hi VHF/UHF, Gain Hi VHF ___, UHF 12)

Which antenna is better, if TV towers are on the other side of our hill?

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