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Originally Posted by rickbb View Post
As I have discovered, the repack in process is moving several stations back into VHF territory. Before the repack started I only had 1 station in my area in VHF, now I have 3, and the repack continues.

I see a new combo antenna design being needed soon. IMHO.
I agree with you 100%. There will need to be a new redesign. I believe that the antennas will have a slightly different look to them now with the larger elements for the UHF also.

And a lot of these large antenna companies are just looking at it from the standpoint of if it works why change it? Myself I think with people cutting the cord at a rapid Pace right now because of this pandemic financial stress, there will be a market for free TV and you might as well have a modern configured antenna.

That's my feelings and a lot of others too.

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