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Televes DT790. Dropped by Solid Signal

Originally Posted by pawoodbutcher View Post
Has anyone ever herd of this critter? It's apparently new because its preorder only.

It looks very good, to me. Specs are a little hard to come by.
Televes' website.....

I live in a deep fringe area and was thinking of swapping out the 8200, since I don't need VHF anyhow.

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Well, 3 years later, It's been discontinued. At least the sale of it by Solid Signal.

I wonder why?

A couple of issues, I imagine:

Confusing part #'s Seems like everything is a "790"
Complicated to put together. The SS video was telling...
Big and heavy by Stuarts assessment.
Not price competitive for a relatively unknown antenna., (seems that they have adjusted the pricing though)
A lot don't like the built in pre-amp. It was suspicious anyhow since it was autogain.

I chatted with Solid Signal, this one is backordered:
Televes DATBOSS LR Long-Range Amplified UHF TV Antenna LTE Filter

The recommended replacement is the:
Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

This one was discontinued:
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF VHF Long Range Antenna

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