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New Technology in Antennas


I am 60 to 80 miles away from most broadcast towers (I am in Bow WA the stations come out of Seattle, Tacoma)

For the past 10 years or so, I have had a Winegard HD 8200U antenna and a pre-amp to boost my signal - and a rotor to turn the antenna when needed. In addition to the distance, I have issues with trees etc - when the weather is good I get many stations out of Seattle area - but stormy weather takes out a lot of viewing options

I have been reading a lot of advertisements about new high strength, long distance antennas of late - I know that some of this stuff is kind of BS but am wondering if there might be some recommendations on a newer more powerful antenna that might be available. I will be getting a new roof put on this spring and that would be the time to make a switch if there is something out there better/more powerful - any advice would be appreciated
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