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If your difficult channels happen to be 9, 11, or 13, the problem could be FM interferrence. It could be that a nearby station increased their power. What happens is that these strong FM signals can get past the trap in the amplifier and mix into frequencies that fall on any high VHF channel. This will show up just as you described.
I would first of all be sure that the internal trap in the amp is on, then if the problem is indeed on the VHF channels, pick up a FM trap and install it in front of the amplifier. I buy my traps from Cumberland Electronics at 888-501 9658. Ask for Ken. Another thing it could be is electrical interferrence either in your house. Try powering your equipment from different circuits, or a faulty power transformer near by. Another cause of this problem can be an arc in a near by electric fence. If you are in farm country this is worth looking into.
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