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Angry Darn annoying reception problem

Been awhile since I've been here.

Anywayz, I've been having this problem with just one channel ever since I got this antenna last year.

One channel, PBS on real channel 33 digital 22.1-2-3, is VERY intermittent in being received. It will come in for no more than 10minutes, than blank out again and not come back sometimes for days on end.

What makes no sense here, is that it doesn't obey any known law of energy that I know of. It's as if the energy builds up in the antenna then is discharged when the TV is on or some weird stuff like that. The transmitter comes from the same EXACT (same tower) location as 3 other channels that work like perfection 100% of the time. There is no co-channel interference, as I have 1) a directional antenna 2) No stations within a receivable distance (150Miles) that could even have a chance of interfering.

Could this be the TV tuner? I have a set-top converter box that I was going to use with my old TV before it died, should I try that even if it means tearing the TV cable bundle apart?

There is also a smidge of the top of a tree that could possibly be in the way; should I trim it? And the antenna isn't totally perfect; it's tilted up at about a 2-4 angle.

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