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New TV Station in Atlanta

I was doing a channel scan today and was shocked to find out that there is a new TV station. I have no idea about its whereabouts, , but I do know that its virtual channel is 47-1 and the RF channel seems to be 51. This makes no sense, though, because WPXA (ION 14.1) transmits on 51, also, plus the signal strength is about the same as it is with the ION transmitter. It is possible that it transmits two separate stations on 51?

I have a few images to show what I see here in Kennesaw, Georgia (Atlanta NW, 20 miles from ATL towers),HMvgCus,BEHNBtO,VFsob6S#3

There doesn't seem to be any tropospheric propagation, and my antenna is mounted in my attic pointed towards Atlanta at 128 degrees.I receive 51 out of the back of the antenna.
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