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Homeworx HW130STB initial review

Originally Posted by Pistachio View Post
Originally Posted by Pistachio View Post
Apparently, you can scan or set the channels yourself in advance. This way you dont have to scan and re-scan all the time.
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Yes, there is a add Channel function. So even if you're not receiving the channel at that time you can still program it in and when you Rotator is rotated correctly you will receive that Channel.
I have been using the Homeworx HW130STB for a few days now and it is good for the most part. Picture quality is great, it changes channels quickly, there is a guide to tell you what is on all the channels for the next couple hours. On individual channels it tells you what is on now and next.

The annoying thing is that when you change to a channel the guide showing you what channel and what is playing currently does not disappear for 5+ seconds. It takes up a good part of the screen so you can't see what is happening. You can hit the info button twice to get rid of it faster but that is not a good solution when you are clicking around. I haven't messed with it too much so maybe there is a way to adjust or turn that function off.

The other pitfall with the Homeworx HW130STB is that it uses an IR optical remote control. You have to point the remote directly to the unit and when I am about 20' away it does not always receive my clicks so I end up having to either keep clicking or walk closer to the unit.

Overall for $30 it is great, they should just put in a radio (not IR optical ) remote! And fix that window that pops up and stays on when channel surfing.
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