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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
You can use chain link fence top rail as a mast. Available at the big box hardware stores. You can use either an eave mount or a wall mount bracket into the wall below the eave.
True, 1 3/8" chain link fence top rail is my preferred Mast material. My shop is right next to a fence supplies and installation facility. I was recently told by one of the contractors 1 3/8 in SS 20 is not available. That is considered pipe. Apparently the place who manufactures it had to shut down because of covid-19 cases

However the 1 3/8" 18 gauge is available that is considered tubing. Although 18 ga. is very good in short sections I find it to be a little wobbly for longer sections, especially if you use the whole the 21ft that it comes in.

If you can find it , the SS 20 is the best way to go for top rail. And you can readily sleeve it with one inch water pipe to make a very thick and strong (heavy) mast. I did it, because I used the full 21' section.

In this case, I doubt that he's going to need 21 feet, but just food for thought in case he goes all the way to the ground to mount the base and make an eave mount like Tower Guy is suggesting.

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