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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Hey Pistachio,
Tim gives good advice here so I wanted to ask you if you're on a strict budget, shipping cost and initial Hardware investment will mean nothing later when you are enjoying your system.

My advice to you, is get what you can get and somewhat over build the system so that you have a margin. I am going to recommend to 30 - 2476 fo VHF. It's probably the best currently available VHF High antenna sold in the US and it's only a few dollars more then the 2475.

And as far as durability. I've had mine in the air since 2016 in the harsh Illinois winters. It is Well designed and durable. It doesn't have those plastic rod retainers it's all made of metal and the reflector rods go over the boom.. it is wind Worthy also.

You're UHF choices. Why so tiny? You might as well get the articulating eight Bay. Then you could do some slight aiming changes.

Believe me, the pricing is very good on what you're looking at and a few dollars more shouldn't break your budget I hope.

Unless you are within 5 or 10 miles of the transmitting antenna you can't really go wrong by going larger on antenna size. Did might give you the margin you need during adverse weather conditions or maybe even pick up some stations from LA?

Also, I've got to look into that Rotator choice that you found I'm looking for one myself and that model is a very highly recommended rotator. Did you actually see if they had stock on that?
I purchased the rotator on Friday and I will post back here to let you guys know if this is too good to be true.

Can you recommend an "articulating eight Bay" antenna?

Also, what other supplies do I need? I don't have a mast or clamps, yet. Will anything come with the antennas? I plan to mount to my chimney.
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